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Ethical Drugs Ltd. was founded in 1987 establishing its manufacturing unit in Godnail, Siddhirgonj, Narayangonj, Bangladesh. The company has seen positive growth each year and is diversifying its products and market. Backed by excellent research and development, and a skilled professional team, Ethical Drugs Limited is taking a front seat in today’s Bangladesh.
The industrial unit is fully equipped with man and machine, engaged in manufacturing its products using state of the art technology, in accordance to cGMP and WHO guidelines. With strategically located depots at key points around the country, and enjoying the services of highly skilled marketing team, the company is reaping the benefits of an efficient distribution and marketing network. Ethical Drugs Limited is enjoying international exposure with the exportation of medicines to several foreign nations. Ethical is a company with scientific roots. Consequently, technology is crucial to our design, manufacturing and even the presentation of our products to the prescribers and end users. We are continuously learning and constantly seeking to improve our products.

There are literally thousands of active ingredients which are available for formulators to choose from. However, except for on a few occasions where we find a very interesting complex from a ‘molecule developer’, we prefer to research the literature and find single ingredients with best data, and start to build up a product from there. Ethical Drugs have split their products into two categories:

Human Pharmaceuticals
Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

In this advanced age of science, the researches in pharmaceuticals have achieved extra ordinary feats. We at Ethical are constantly improving our products, adapting to the new age life science technology to deliver the very best and advanced preparation to the dispensers and prescribers.
Our in house research is one of the most important tools of our success. We prioritize in not only the therapeutic efficacy, but also the physician’s requirements, patient acceptance of the product and benefits to the chemists and the retailers. Our research teams spend endless hours at the labs making our products better, refining the product design from its formulation, manufacturing, QC processes, packaging, and boxing to its distribution, because being very good is just not good enough; it has to be the best!


Ethical is dedicated to producing high quality pharmaceuticals with the best ingredients using the right formulation, and with a proven track record. Ethical has tailored lines for specific medical solutions.
Ethical is dedicated to manufacturing ‘professional’ products. This fundamentally means that the products are sold through professional outlets such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, medical centers, health complexes, hospices, drug stores and chemist stores. Ethical is a committed professional-only brand.
Ethical’s team represents over a quarter century’s combined experience in pharmaceutical development and product formulation.


Best Ingredients

Some active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have multiple forms – called stereo-isomers where only one form out of all really ‘works’. We select the right ingredient based on the functionality. Review our products for details.

 Right Formulation

Stronger is not always better – in fact there are certain ingredients and excipients that when used actually gets weaker when more concentrated. Pharmacists at Ethical identify the optimum concentration that delivers the best results. And just sometimes that may mean using …less!

Targeted Therapy

It is important that ingredients reach the target location to provide results. It is essential that the drug functions most actively at the site to exhibit the maximum therapeutic effect. Our team at Ethical strives to produce pharmaceuticals following the latest scientific information to manufacture a product that elicits utmost effect at the lowest amount required.

Enhancing Stability

Pharmaceuticals are complex blend unique chemical compounds. Unfortunately some of the key active ingredients in pharmaceuticals are unstable, and start degrading as soon as the product is opened or even while it is on the shelf. That’s why Ethical takes stability of active ingredients very seriously and is dedicated to improving stability with continuous research and development.


Ethical is a pioneer in delivering professional products fresh to the market. Our products are made under meticulous supervision and constantly quality checked at every stage by our most efficient Quality Control Department. Being fresh means you can be assured of the highest stability and therefore potency.

This combination of values and philosophy is the reason why Ethical has grown into a renowned brand, recommended by physicians, doctors, nurses and professional medical specialists.


  • Right formulation
  • Proven results
  • Solution specific products
  • Highly stable formulae with well-documented and original research
  • “Safe” ingredients minimizing adverse reactions