Adevit Injection

Vitamin A, D3 & E
Vitamin & Premix

Adevit Injection




Each ml contains:

Vitamin A                    80,000 IU

Vitamin D3                         40,000 IU

Vitamin E                           20 mg



Used in vitamin A, D3 & E deficiency, after recovery from bacterial disease, for increasing fertility, to increase egg production in poultry, increase meat and milk in cattle, promotes growth in poultry and livestock and also to increase resistance against diseases. Furthermore, ADEVIT is an ideal injectable vitamin prescribed in following conditions:

  • To maintain balance in Phosphorus and Calcium.
  • For functioning of nervous system.
  • To maintain development and preservation of epithelial tissue and skin.
  • Helps in increasing fertility before insemination in cows.
  • To recover from different kinds of stress associated with environmental, transportation, vaccination, disease etc.

Dosage and administration:

Intramuscular administration.

Animal Daily dose
Cattle and horse 10 ml
Calf and goat 5 ml
Dog and cat 1-5 ml

Or as prescribed by registered veterinarian.

Storage: Store in cool and dry place, protected from light.

Presentation: 10 ml, 30 ml and 100 ml.