Butaphosphan & Cyanocobalamin
Vitamin & Premix



Butaphos is a ready injectable solution which contains Butaphosphan & Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin- B12). These two ingredients of Butaphos activate and maximize the metabolic function of animals.


Each ml injectable solution contains

Butaphosphan BP                                           100 mg

Cyanocobalamin BP (Vitamin B12)               0.05 mg.


Large Animals

  • Improves the reproductive efficiency in bull.
  • Increase profitability by improving daily weight gain.
  • Highly effective in stress condition.


  • Improves laying performances.
  • Increases growth performances in broiler.


Improve metabolism & strengthen resistance, promote the growth of young animals, support the treatment of infertility, in debility, in convalescence, as a general tonic in cases of stress, overexertion, improve performance & muscular efficiency especially in animals meant for working, sports & breeding, as a therapy for metabolic disorders like hypocalcemic paresis, in anoestrus etc. and for preventing cannibalism & feather picking in birds & for shortening the molting period in poultry.

Dosage & Administration: 

Butaphos may be administered intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously depending on the physical condition and body weight of animal.

Cattle & Buffaloes:        10-25 ml

Foal & Calf:                       5-12 ml

Sheep & Goat:                2.5-5 ml

Cat:                               0.5-2.5 ml

Poultry         :            1 ml in 2 liter of drinking water.

If needed treatment may be repeated.

In chronic illness half of the above mentioned dose should be administered. If needed repeat at interval of 1-2 weeks.


Store in dry & cool place. Keep away from direct sunlight and children.

Packing: 30 ml & 100 ml vial.