Calpol Vet

Vitamin & Premix

Calpol Vet



Each 20 ml contains:

Calcium                                   325.60 mg

Magnesium                             20 mg

Phosphorus                             167.70 mg

Vitamin B12                            20 mcg

Vitamin D3                             1600 IU



Calpol Vet is used in Calcium and Phosphorus deficiency of livestock and poultry. Calpol Vet is also used in following conditions:

  • Improves milk production and enhances physical growth in livestock.
  • Prevents milk fever.
  • Prevents Rickets in young calves.
  • Helps to minimize the inadequacy of Calcium & Phosphorous in diet of layer birds.
  • Prevents drop in egg production and improves egg shell quality.
  • Prevents cage layer fatigue, prolapse and cannibalism.
  • Enhances weight gain in broiler.


Dosage and Administration:


For Poultry: 2-3 ml per liter drinking water for 5-7 days.


For large animal:-

Cattle, Buffaloes: 100 ml daily for 5-7 days in cows.

For Calves: 20-25 ml twice daily for 7-10 days.


Pack Size: 

1 liter.