Antimicrobial Drugs




Each ml Etracin-100 contain Oxytetracycline BP     100 mg

Lignocaine BP                 20 mg



Etracin-100 works against both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. It also used against anaplasma, rickettsia and chlamydia. Use of Etracin-100 in Cattle, horse, goat, sheep, cat and poultry are as following:

Anthrax, hemorrhagic septicemia, black quarter, brucellosis, calf scour, infectious enteritis, malignant edema, dysentery, pneumonia, navel ill, liver infection, abscess, mastitis, pyometra, metritis, peritonitis, infectious plauropneumonia,  calf  diphtheria, castration, paratyphoid, foot-rot, salmonellosis, actinomycosis, anaplasmosis and secondary infections in FMD.


Etracin-100 remains in blood with high density effectively so acts quickly. For its higher density it acts against organisms effectively. As lignocaine is supplied with the injection no pain is suffered by the animal.

Dosage and administration:

5-10 ml injection per 100 kg  body weight of animal daily for 3-5 days and to be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneous or intravenously or intraperitoneal.

In anaplasmosis continuous injection for 10 days is advised.


Penicillin and oxytetracycline injection should not use together.

Package quantity:

Injection: 10 ml ,30 ml, 100 ml vials.