Each tablet contains 250 mg Fenbendazole.


Fenzol tablet is a broad spectrum ideal and safe anthelmintics. It is used against most roundworms and tapeworms. Fenzol is effective against these gastro-intestinal parasites: Bunostomum, Chabertia, Cooperia, Haemonchus, Nematodirus, Ostertagia, Strongyloides, Dictyocaulus viviparus, Moniezia expansa, Liver flukes and Paramphistomes. It is also effective against different types of worms, lung flukes and lung nematodes.


Dosage and administration:

Fenzol tablet should be mixed with drinking water and slow oral administration by balling gun.

Body weight Dose  


Double dose is advised in extensive tapeworm infection.

25 kg ½ tablet
50 kg 1 tablet
75 kg 1 ½ tablet
100 kg 2 tablet


If required, second dose is administer after 15 days with the advice of veterinarian.

Important indication:

Animal infected with Paramphistomum should be treated with Fenzol 7.5mg/kg body weight mixed with feed and continue for 6 days. Sheep & goat infected with Fasciola gigantica should be treated with 5 mg/kg body weight mixed with feed in a single dose.


Safe in lactating and pregnant animals.


2×10 tab box.